What is community / neighbour mediation?

Community / neighbour mediation covers disputes between neighbours and also larger conflicts between groups in the community. It can help with issues including noise, children’s behaviour, gardens and boundary disputes, animals, car parking, abusive or threatening behaviour, lifestyle clashes, damage to property, racism and harassment.

Mediation is a process in which two or more parties in conflict are brought together by an impartial mediator. The parties decide the terms of any agreement made. Mediation is :-

• a voluntary process
• a way to enable everyone to be heard
• a process for parties to feel supported in finding a way forward
• quicker and cheaper than legal processes
• more effective than hoping the problem will go away
• usually free to participants, depending on the funding of individual services

Usually mediators visit each party separately in their own homes to discuss the issues. Then if appropriate and parties are willing, mediators arrange a joint meeting. This will take place at a neutral venue within easy reach for all parties.

Referrals to community mediation services can come from the parties themselves or from professionals on their behalf.

Some community mediation services can also help with larger-scale community conflicts, such as whole blocks of flats, or inter-group conflicts. For such conflicts they may use teams of mediators.

This site will enable you to find a local community mediation service which can respond to your problem or enquiry. They can then explain the details of the service they are able to provide. All the community mediation services listed on this site have contact details and most have links to websites. To answer specific questions about community mediation, find your nearest service by entering your town or postcode, and follow the link.

The YouTube link below entitled 'Understanding Community Mediation', was developed by Prof Elizabeth Stokoe, Protocol IT and Kerf Design to help explain community mediation. It was launched at the College of Mediators conference in 2015.



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